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Ace Doorclosers, has designed, developed, manufactured and patented the Ace Secure Slide automatic sliding door closer.  The Ace Secure Sliding Door Closer is suitable to be used on both timber and aluminum sliding doors, with an opening of up to 1100mm


The Ace Secure Slide is also suitable to be used on cavity sliding doors.


All series of the Ace Secure Slide has the following key features:

§  It provides an easy cost effective method of ensuring sliding doors are closed securely, ensuring building security and occupant safety.

§  It comes with clear simple to follow installation instructions geared to the DIY enthusiast or handyman.

§  It is suited to both left or right handed sliding doors.

§  In some instances the Ace Secure Slide may be used on sliding doors to pools.  Suitability is dependent on local council legislation and locking requirements.

§  It comes with both door speed and latch speed adjustment ensuring full functional control of the door closing operation.

§  Ace Secure slide closers are equipped with a reverse hydraulics feature (Back check) to prevent damage to the door or its surrounds, by the door being pushed opend in an uncontrolled manner.

§  The Ace secure Slide is Australian Made, using commercial grade heavy duty hydraulic door closers and custom manufactured components.


The following  enhanced features are available on the Ace Secure Slide 6 Series closers

·        Delayed action

The Ace Secure Slide 6 Series closers have a feature that enables closing of the door to be delayed by up to 60 seconds after the door has been fully opened.

This feature is ideally suited to disabled access applications.

·        Adjustable strength

The Ace Secure Slide 6 series features adjustable closer strength, providing the ability to vary the closing force applied to the door, offering greater flexibility in setting the correct closer strength to suit the application.

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Maximum opening 900mm


Maximum opening 1100mm


Maximum opening 900mm

Power adjustable

Delayed action


Maximum opening 1100mm


All closers come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.



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